rpi group represents a coalition...

Of senior scientists and engineers that offer their services to solve challenging problems in acoustical oceanography and acoustic warfare. This association of consultants has been working together to solve difficult problems for more than a decade.

Each member of the team has significant practical experience, ranging from 20 years to over 40 years, covering all aspects of underwater acoustics and underwater acoustic military systems. They have worked in the areas of active and passive submarine sonars, active and passive surface ship sonars, mine hunting sonars, sonobuoy systems, active and passive surveillance systems, explosive echo ranging, acoustic countermeasures, torpedoes, target tracking, low frequency acoustics, noise field modeling, acoustic propagation, ocean surface loss models, ocean bottom models, Arctic acoustics, target physics, reverberation modeling, threat sonar system analysis, control systems, tomography, matched field processing, and the development of advanced detection, estimation, and signal processing algorithms.  They have extensive knowledge of U.S. and foreign military sonar systems, extensive knowledge of the domestic and foreign acoustic literature, and extensive experience in technology assessment of advanced systems. In addition, they have deep knowledge of the acoustic characteristics of many of the strategically important ocean areas of the world.

In summary, this group of scientists has a comprehensive understanding of the physics of underwater acoustics and underwater acoustic systems, and has a proven track record of quickly providing answers to complex problems.


  • Technology assessment
    • Familiar with domestic and foreign acoustic literature
    • Analysis of advanced system concepts 
  • Advanced computational and experimental ocean acoustics
    • Propagation modeling
    • Acoustical oceanography
    • Tomography
    • Matched field processing
    • Arctic acoustics
    • Shallow water acoustics
    • Low frequency acoustics 
  • Structural acoustics
    • Self-noise
    • Target physics 
  • Scattering phenomena
    • Bottom Reverberation
    • Surface Reverberation
    • Volume Reverberation 
  • Underwater acoustic noise
    • Surface noise
    • Biologics 
  • Sound sources
    • Transducers
    • Explosive source 
  • Performance of active and passive sonars in realistic ocean environments
    • Sonobuoy
    • Surface ship
    • Submarine
    • Surveillance
    • Mine hunting
    • Side scan
    • Torpedo
    • Forward scattering systems 
  • Modern Signal Processing
    • Spectral analysis
    • Adaptive processing
    • Array processing
    • Optimal processing
    • Detection theory
    • Model-based signal processing 
  • Source localization
  • Remote sensing
  • Non-acoustic detection